Post-graduate Diploma in Research in Linguistics

Departments and Partners

Post-graduate Diploma in Research (PGDR) in Linguistics is offered by the Department of Linguistics in the K.M. Institute of Hindi and Linguistics of the University.

Motivation and Objectives

The purpose of Post-graduate Diploma in Research (PGDR) programme in Linguistics is to train the students for a life-long career in academics and research. It assumes that the students have good theoretical background in linguistics and as such it does not seek to develop basic concepts in Linguistics. Rather it focuses on higher areas like the methodology of research, writing and reading research papers and advanced areas of research in linguistics.

Research Areas

The PGDR candidates may conduct research in any area / sub-discipline / related fields of Linguistics. The department especially focusses on research in South Asian Languages, especially on the lesser-known, minority and endangered languages; however, students willing to work in other languages are most welcome to apply.

Some of the focus areas of the faculties in the department include (but not limited to) -

  • Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Corpus Linguistics

  • Hate Speech, Aggression, Fake News, Misinformation and Propaganda Research

  • Sociopragmatics and Sociolinguistics

  • Language Description, Documentation, Grammar Writing, Lexicography in the specific context of endangered and minority languages.

  • Language Typology and Areal Linguistics

  • Neurolinguistics and (Experimental) Psycholinguistics

  • Language Pedagogy and Second Language Acquisition

Course Structure, Credit Requirements and Duration

PGDR in Linguistics is a 1-year programme spread over 2 semesters. In the first semester, 12 credits is the normal workload. A student may register for extra credits upto a maximum of 24 credits in this semester including upto 4 credits as open elective from any department outside of Linguistics. In the second semester, a comprehensive dissertation describing the original research of the student is to be written. In exceptional circumstances, a student may be granted an extension of upto 6 months (i.e. one semester) for submitting the dissertation. In case the student fails to submit the dissertation within the extension period then (s)he will go through the usual process of 're-examination', thereby, considered to be submitting in the next academic session. This dissertation is to be defended in the form of a public presentation and viva-voce. The dissertation is only of qualifying in nature and do not carry any credits with it.

In PGDR, a student may take an interdisciplinary course from outside the department only in a related field of study and in consultation with the (proposed) supervisor after thorough assessment of the need and relevance of such a course in the student’s proposed field of research.

Evaluation Pattern

The normal evaluation pattern of the courses will be as follows -

Continuous Assessment: 40%

End-Sem Exam: 60% (written exam of minimum 3 hours)

It is to be noted that the question paper setting and assessment for the end-sem exam will be carried out by the concerned course instructor.

For the course ALI303, the dissertation will be evaluated by the supervisor and one external examiner. The course will compulsorily include a seminar and viva-voce. Viva-voce will be conducted by the external examiner based on his/her evaluation of the dissertation. The distribution of weightage for dissertation and seminar/viva-voce will be equal and will be calculated jointly for the course.

For Seminar course i.e. ALI319, the evaluation pattern will be decided by the concerned course instructor in consultation with the departmental committee before the start of the semester subject to the condition that it must include minimum of 40% continuous assessment.

Admission Requirements

Minimum Eligibility: Post-graduation in Linguistics / allied discipline with 55% or equivalent.

Number of Seats: 20

Mode of Admission: Entrance Exam + Interview (based on the M.A. curriculum of the Institute and the UGC NET Syllabus) / as decided by the admission committee

Fee Structure

Semester Fees**: Rs. 3,275 per semester

Examination Fees**: Rs. 2,070 per semester

Dissertation Fees (if applicable)**: Rs. 2,000 (one time)

**Subject to revision and updation by the relevant bodies of the University / state government / any other competent body