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Travel to Agra

Direct to Agra [Domestic]

Agra has an airport which is largely non-operational but there might be some flights starting soon / already started to cities like Bangalore, Jaipur, etc. So the four ways to travel to Agra is via train, bus, hired taxi or a private vehicle.

Travel by Train

Agra has 3 main railway stations (in increasing order of distance from the main Palliwal Park University campus) -

  • Raja ki Mandi (closest to the University campus(es) but all trains do not stop here and if they do then its for not more than 2 minutes)

  • Agra Fort (generally trains from the East stop here)

  • Agra Cantt (the biggest railway station - most of the trains stop here and for 5 minutes or more)

Besides these, some trains (especially those travelling to and from the Eastern parts of India) also stop at Tundla Jn (approx. 25 kms away from Agra). It is a good idea to book cabs in advance from Tundla, if your train stops here. You may be charged for outstation if travelling to or from Tundla Jn.

Travel by Bus

Most of the buses travelling to Agra comes to Transport Nagar ISBT. Generally these buses also stop at Bhagwan Talkies and most of the times, it takes shorter time to travel from there instead of ISBT (but ISBT might be more convenient, if you are new to the city).

You will generally get an Uber / Ola or an autorickshaw from the railway / bus stations for your destination in the city.

Via Delhi [Domestic / International]

Travel by Train

The easiest way to travel to Agra is via Delhi. After landing at Delhi Airport, you may take metro / Uber / Ola / a cab to travel to one of the following two Delhi stations -

  • Hazrat Nizamuddin (most of the trains for Agra come from this station) - If you are travelling by Metro from Terminal 3 / Terminal 2, then you need to get the Airport Express Line, get down at 'Dhaula Kuan' station, walk for around 10 - 15 minutes on a covered aerobridge (with travellators at regular intervals) and then get a metro towards Mayur Vihar Pocket 1 and get down at Sarai Kale Khan-Nizamuddin station. If travelling from Terminal 1, then take plan your route using the mtero travel planner from IGD Airport - Sarai Kale Khan-Nizamuddin - it involves at last 2 changes on the way. You could plan the route using the Metro Planner here.

  • New Delhi: The Airport Express Line from Terminal 3 / Terminal 2 will take you directly to New Delhi railway station. For travelling from Terminal 1, you could use the Metro Planner.

The train for one of the three Agra stations leave these stations at regular intervals. You are required to book a seat in one of these trains in advance via the IRCTC Website. Please plan your itinerary such that the time of the train is at least 3 hours (for domestic travellers) / 4 hours (for international travellers) hours after your flight landing time. After coming out of the airport it may take upto 70 - 90 minutes to reach the railway station and, if you are new in Delhi / India, also take into consideration the time to navigate through the different modes of travel, etc. Also most of the good trains take around 2 1/2 - 3 hours from Delhi to Agra. Some trains take significantly less / more than this time - while booking the tickets, take these into consideration.

Travel by Bus

You may also travel to Agra from Delhi via bus from one of the following bus stations. You can use the UPSRTC Website for planning and booking tickets from Delhi (Sarai Kale Khan ISBT, which has a few Volvos and other luxury services to Agra) or Noida Depot (which has ordinary and A/C services to Agra). We recommend the Volvos and services from Delhi for a comfortable travel.

  • Sarai Kale Khan ISBT in Delhi - For travelling to this bus station from Terminal 1 / 2 / 3, follow the same directions as travelling to Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station. Its around 8 - 10 minutes walk from the metro to the bus station. You may also take a manual rickshaw (may cost upto Rs. 15 - 20) or an autorickshaw (for around Rs. 30 - 35).

  • Noida Bus Depot - For travelling to this bus station from Terminal 2 / 3, take Airport Express to New Delhi station. Then travel to Rajiv Chowk on Yellow Line. From there, change to blue line and travel to Noida City Centre. For travelling from Terminal 1, take the metro to Botanical Garden and change there for Noida City Centre. You can use the Metro Planner for planning your travel by Metro.

While ordinary and A/C services from Noida are at regular intervals, there are few Volvo and luxury services at fixed times. Besides the UPSRTC website, you may use other travel / bus booking websites for booking tickets in advance but we highly recommend against booking buses NOT operated by UPSRTC.

Travel by Uber / Ola Outstation / Local Cab

If you are travelling in a group of 3 - 4 people (or even alone), you may book a an Uber / Ola Outstation / Local Cab for travelling to Agra directly from the Airport. Generally, a sedan for 4 people costs something around Rs. 3000 - Rs. 3500 (including the toll taxes). While booking, please insist that the driver takes you via 'Yamuna Expressway' (which has higher toll taxes but takes significantly less time than the other route).

For any further queries / suggestions on travelling to Agra, please feel free to contact on the Study Linguistics @Agra Google Group.

For urgent / immediate help, please feel free to contact on our Study Linguistics @Agra Telegram Group.


The University does not provide on-campus accommodation to the students. However, Agra being one of the most-visited tourist cities and centre of education in the region with home to several colleges, institutes and universities, there are a huge number of options across the city for a comfortable long-term stay.

The options range from hostels / shared accommodation meant exclusively for students, paying guest (PG) accommodation (with meals), private hostels to individual houses and larger flats / apartments, mostly unfurnished but, sometimes, furnished or semi-furnished as well (for families or shared with friends / classmates) within a radius of 5 - 6 km (average: 20 - 25 minutes travel time) from the University.

Depending on the location as well as the kind of accommodation you opt for, the rent may vary from approximately ₹4,000/₹5,000(for hostels / smaller houses) - ₹15,000/₹17,000 per month (2 - 3 BHK apartments). In most of the cases, there will be additional cost / expenses for food, laundary and other services (such as wi-fi / internet, electricity, etc).

If you need any help finding accommodation, please contact on the Study Linguistics @Agra Google Group or Telegram Group. If you prefer to do it on your own, we would recommend to look for one in Vijay Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Nehru Nagar, Kamla Nagar, Dayalbagh, Khandari and other nearby areas.

Local Travel in Agra

Agra provides multiple options for travelling with in the city including Uber / Ola / (shared / reserved) autorickshaws / city buses (on certain fixed routes) / personal vehicles including bicycles / 2 -wheeler scooters / motorbikes.

We recommend that you look for accommodation which is close to the University campus in order to reduce the hassle of daily commute. Our recommendation will be to buy a bicycle / scooter for commuting. Shared means such as autorickshaws / buses are cheaper than Uber / Ola but takes longer to travel and the journey might be tad uncomfortable.

You may talk to us about travelling within the city once you reach Agra. However, if you need to clarify things related to this, you may contact on Study Linguistics @Agra Google Group or Telegram Group