Adminitrative Structure of the Centre

The centre will have a completely decentralised structure with most of the administrative and financial powers with respect to a specific program with the Program Director of individual programs. If a centre-level decision has to be taken then that will be jointly taken by all the program directors and coordinators of all the programs running in the centre (by majority voting, in case of disagreement). However, the decision related to programs of study to be started at the centre will be taken by the individual participating departments and may be approved by the competent bodies of the University.

The Academic Committee of each program will consist of the following, with the chair of the academic committee of the coordinating department as the ex-officio chair of the programme’s committee -

  • All members of academic committee of the coordinating department / institute

  • Program Director and Coordinators from all the collaborating departments

  • At least one or maximum two members from each of the collaborating industry and academic partners.