Master of Science in Computational Linguistics Admission - 2021

Final Admission List


Interview Schedule

The schedule for the interview for admission to M.Sc. in Computational Linguistics is given below. The shortlisted candidates are requested to check their email for joining link and other details regarding the interview.


Admission Procedure

Given the interest of a large number of applicants, the admission committee decided to select the applicants for admission based on the following criteria -

Online Interview - 50% [20 - 25 minutes]

Educational Qualifications (35%) / Prior Projects or Work Experience (10%) / Writing Sample (5%), etc - 50%

Admission, Class Schedule and Local Logistics

Online interview

Declaration of Result and Offer Letter

Deadline for submitting the admission fee

Start of classes

October 18, 2021

October 19, 2021

October 22, 2021

October 25, 2021

Please note that these dates are tentative; however, no major change is expected in this (unless there is further extension of deadline for application submission, in which case the dates will be accordingly extended). We will post the exact date, slot and link for the interview by the end of the next week here.

Irrespective of this, if you do not live in or near Agra then we would advise you to plan your travel in accordance with this schedule and in such a manner that you be in Agra and well-settled by the start date of the classes i.e. October 25, 2021.

For all queries related to travel, accommodation and any other kind of local logistics, please join our Google Group and/or Telegram Group and post your queries there; you may also email us - our support team will help you in finding a suitable and comfortable place for stay in Agra during the 2 years of your study here.

Interview Structure

The interview is designed to test the following (and as such candidates are required to prepare accordingly) -

  • Basic Mathematical / Analytical / Statistical Skills - Students must be aware of the mathematical concepts learnt till class Xth / matriculation.

  • Basic awareness of Indian and South Asian Linguistic and Cultural Diversity, Multilingualism and an overall awareness of socio-political situation of languages in the country.

  • Basic Programming Skills (of school level) is highly recommended and preferred.

  • Basic awareness of the field of Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing and the latest advancements and debates in the field.

It is to be noted that the candidates are not expected to be trained or academically aware of the technical details of the areas mentioned above. The interview is meant to gauge their interest and aptitude in the area and they are expected to possess a general-level awareness of the 'popular' ideas available in the public domain (which are accessible via news feeds, magazines, etc).

Along with this the candidates are strongly advised to prepare a 3 - 5 minutes long 'presentation' on their educational background and a brief idea of what kind of applications / research they intend to work on during this program and subsequently for their dissertation. You do NOT need to prepare a PPT presentation; rather you just need to introduce yourself and speak up the motivations / intent behind taking admission in the program.

The language of the interview could be English or Hindi, depending on your preference.

Instructions for Provisionally Shortlisted Candidates

Those students who are provisionally shortlisted for further processing of the application for admission to M.Sc. in Computational Linguistics program (see list below), need to fill up the following form and upload the required documents for further processing of their application -

Click Here to Fill up the Form

Deadline for submission of this form: Wednesday, September 30, 2021 11:59 pm IST


Please note the following -

a. You will need to login into your email account to fill up this form

b. Please use the same email ID that you used for registration and application for the program

c. The form will ask you to upload / give information about the following - so please keep those handy before starting to fill up the form. Please name the uploaded file as per the convention mentioned below (replace 'yourname' with your actual name. eg. if your name is Sanjeev Kumar then it will be replaced by SanjeevKumar - ensure that there is no space in the filename). Please remember that ONLY your CV and scan of educational documents are ESSENTIAL. If you dont have prior experience or projects, it is not at all an issue - you will still be considered for the program.

  • Your full CV with these details - a. Complete Details of ALL your educational degrees and certifications (including online courses completed, diploma / certificate completed and ongoing courses / degrees); b. Your previous work / research experience (if any); c. Your completed / ongoing projects, if any; d. Your publications, if any; e. Your complete contact details; f. Languages that you could read / write / speak; h. Technical / Programming Skills / Qualifications; f. Any other details that you would like to furnish. [Compulsory] File name - yourname_CV.pdf

  • Scan of the original of ALL your educational certificates, degree and marksheets (as a SINGLE PDF) [Compulsory] File name - yourname_edu.pdf

  • Scan of your Caste and Income Certificate, if applicable (as a SINGLE PDF) [Optional, if not applicable] File name - yourname_inc.pdf

  • Scan of all your work / research experience certificate (as a SINGLE PDF) [Optional, if not applicable] File name - yourname_exp.pdf

  • Writing Sample: We prefer the writing sample to be uploaded on the web and its links shared with us. However, you could also upload a PDF of your writing sample. The writing sample may include a research paper / dissertation / thesis / term paper / blog that / any other piece of academic / popular writing you have authored as solo author / first author. If you have multiple write-ups, please send us your most representative / best write-up. Do NOT send multiple write-ups. [Optional, if you dont have a writing sample] File name - yourname_writing.pdf

  • Links to some of the projects that you have done in the areas of Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or any other area [Optional, if you have not done any project].

  • A brief write-up explaining why you want to take admission in the program, what are your expectations from the program and what would you like to do after finishing the program. [Compulsory, in 100 - 150 words]

List of Provisionally Shortlisted Candidates